11 Assoalhada, o "Caso"/"Case"


O "Caso"/"Case"


After two months


The "Case" of the "Crash" and its "Disappearance"

Official Secret Document

Dated on January 25th 2009

This document was found in Camberwell Green, a zone in south east London, where workers were reapering the sewage systems. There are some speculations arround this document.Researchers who have been following this case, said this document was sent by mail from Portugal, so in this way, it could have been lost in the time and space.
The document was published on the 25 of January 2009, the date when the process was terminated.
Although the text written in this document is only related to the phase 3 and 4, its have extremelly importance in the context of the "Case", the "Crash and its "Disapearance". However the sheet is seriously demaged, making difficult to read it proparly. Adicted to this, the piece of paper is too fragile to have a restauration.
As we can see, the A4 sheet was folded four times to make an A8 pocket book. Researchers think that this would make the document more discrete.
Last but not least the document doesn't have the original colours, those would be in a grey scale.
In the botton of this painel (image 1) there is the replica of the publication stamp of the "Case" of the "Crash" and its "Disapearance".


that's it ... my installation that was supposed to be in one of the 11 Assoalhadas is somewhere between London and Lisbon, delivered to the mail, there is nothing I can do about it.
Has soon has possible I'll be announcing it presence in the exhibition, which is taking place in Espaço avenida.(the address is on the poster below)