Some adventures in the wooden House

Photo by Alexandra Ferreira

The Adventures in a wooden house has it own blog now !
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The wooden House was a shed , 3 meters by 3 meters square and 4 meters high with wheels. Was made By Jing a Korean ex PG Dip student at Chelsea College of Art and Design last year. His intention was to create a mobile gallery in order to visit disable people mostly in rural areas, so in that way they could experience and see artworks.

This wooden house was going to be taken apart on 5th of February 2011. After knowing the shed was going to be dismantled by the college, the negotiating started, in order to keep the wooden house. The College gave more two weeks and for that happen the students who were negotiating had to be responsible for the destruction of the Shed. The deal was done. During the interim show of the MA Fine Art, the Shed was open. It began as bar in the opening of the show and finished as a stage of a performance. The in between days I occupied the shed as an open studio, were the public could participate doing some drawings, text or whatever they felt doing it. On the twenty first of February the shed was taken apart. Poster were distributed around college and people who needed wood were invited to participate.

The floor of the shed is still intact, was used several times in Mark McGowan performance workshop with students. With all the material collected in these days, a book was made with original drawings as well as with all the documentation of the process. The book is going to be donated to Chelsea College of Art and Design Library. Along side the book a blog was made, where people can interact and make comments. On the blog, beside the documentation of the project, there’s also Photographs of the new uses of the remains.