My first ever brief to do an exhibition.
We were not allowed to do our usual work although it was called Myspace . the beginning point was a song, Paninaro, from pet shop boys.
An empty song which talks about an Italian superficial youth subculture style from the 80s.
ARRAIAL is a traditional folk Portuguese community open party with a really crap music ( empty songs as well, some talk about sex, love and sex in a rude way by metaphors) this parties are mostly related to religious celebration where old people take seriously this dates and young people just want to have fun and get drunk! for me will be always just the fun part of it.
In other hand people to enjoy the party had to go to the stage and in this way be exposed in an area that was for them exotic and uncomfortable.


Apresentação said...

tas ca cum capachinho! memo bom po pimba*

Pedro Oliveira said...

PS: o pimba tambem é musica profunda, nao é so amor, sexo e trocadilhos!